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The next wave of Technology is here. Blockcahin has shown its capabilities and how it will and is changing the industries across the globe. FinTech was the first wave but we at Wieldata Group are building our own blockchain focusing on Enterprises and developing Governments around the world. From storage to smart contracts, our goal is to eliminate the uncertainty we're all facing with our privacy. To build trust!


The future of self-driven cars is here. We have had the chance to build algorithms to measure human patterns. Analyze big data and help organizations make smarter decisions for the future. We use your data to make your next business decision.



Latest industry encountering digital transformation. We have had the chance to create digital platforms for multiple pharmaceutical, hospital and health tech start ups. Our team has a strong medical background in working with the top two electronic medical records systems in the United States.



We have helped create educational platforms for students, professors, and Universities. Our highly-intuitive Adaptive Learning Platform, STUD-E-BUDDIES helps students connect, share, and sell at the ease of their fingertips. We are transforming the path of personalized learning. We believe in smarter connections.


We tackle on the big waves, waves that we believe are going to last at least a decade. AI is one of them. We believe AI will assist us 24/7 in the near future and we have taken on a few initiatives with IBM Watson to pave the future internationally. We will be announcing the products soon.​​



As we build for the future, we also are worried about our future. The world is changing very fast and security breaching is very common now. As we move forward with new technologies, we care and plan for our security in parallel. We have developed and structured many encrypted channels with our clients. Building platforms to securely deliver and receive classified documents. Firewalls that have walls from all 7 continents and more. Data control is our priority.


We've partnered up with the leading creatives from Silicon Valley. Branding and Marketing is half of the game. The most important part of a business is to express your vision. We have had the chance to brand products ranging from condiments to clothing. Ever product, name and design matters.


Meet the Team
unnamed (1).jpg
Sal Niazi,
Chief Executive Officer

Waleed Rashid,
Senior Advisor

Mila Hakim,
Creative Lead
Nitish Bhagotra,
Technical Manager
Ashish Trapalti,
Director of Product Design

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